We could go on all day about how much we love dogs, but who better to hear it from than other customers?

"My dog Kippur and I recently completed the 'Intermediate Obedience' training course led by trainer, Jen Fuller, and her assistant Erin. The course was terrific! Jen is a very professional, dedicated and patient trainer who is a true dog lover. Thank you Jen!"

Andrew & Kippur

"This place is the best!! The staff are so knowledgeable and friendly with both doggies and humans :) Our Charlie loves spending time with all his friends in daycare and learning new skills in his Puppy Kindergarten class. You can be sure your pup will be exhausted by the time you pick him/her up! They offer many different training classes and services of varying days/times making it convenient to attend any one. We are very thankful to have found CaNine to Five and know our fur baby is in great hands while there. As first time dog owners with a brand new rescue puppy, it is an incredible help to rely on their resources and expertise. Amy, Alyssa, and the team truly care about providing a great experience for our dog. We look forward to many years of being a part of this community."

Keri & Charlie

"The first time I became aware of Canine to Five I was on Altamont Ave and saw Amy and Samantha walking three dogs each and I could not figure out who are these girls, is this for a dog show, does it have something to do with the nearby gym what is going on? The dogs walked so controlled on their leashes and these girls are in such wonderful shape what is it they are doing? Is Cesar Milan in town? I spoke to friends and inquired if they had seen these girls with the packs of dogs in the area and if they might know who they were. Then I saw their outside kennels and the sign--I had to go there and see for myself. I am so glad I did, my dog Sonny, an Aussie, has more energy than I can manage and this is the perfect place and fit for Sonny. He is so much more controlled and happier. I have an older dog and he is also very happy with the new and improved Sonny. When it is time to go to Camp Sonny knows where he is going and lights up and could not be more excited, which was something we also had to learn to work with and Canine to Five helped me to get Sonny in a more calm state and I am very grateful for that also. This is becoming a novel and I really could keep going on. I will end by saying Sonny and I love Canine to Five and are forever grateful for all they do! Thanks to all at Canine to Five for your dedication to our dogs, important information you share to help us maintain a calm dog and for providing a clean and safe environment for our best friends."

Eileen & Sonny

"We've taken our dog Lexi for grooming at CaNine to Five and we've always had a great experience! Amy, Megan and Karah always do such a great job. From scheduling to drop off and pick up, everything is always so seamless and easy. You can tell the time they take to make sure everything runs smoothly. We will continue to use them and recommend them to everyone we know!"

Bridget & Lexi

"My 2 pups, Preston and Scarlett, have been a part of the CaNine family since 2014. Amy, Sam, and their staff are not only top notch, but they continuously go above and beyond to make sure that my pups are always comfortable and well taken care of. This is truly a "one stop shop" in the world of dogs. Pres and Scar attend the day care twice a week and they LOVE it! They seem to always know what days are camp days and they do what I call the "Camp Dance" when they don't think we're moving fast enough out the door! When my pups are at camp it's the 2 days a week I don't worry about them because I know they're in a safe and healthy environment with staff who love them and who they love in return. An awesome feature is I get report cards at the end of the day letting me know how Pres and Scar did and who they played with! Amy and her grooming staff are the best this side of the Mississippi! I love bath days for my pups because it means an extra long cuddling night. They come home not only smelling amazing, but the silkiest I've ever felt! It's also very convenient for me as they do the baths on days that they're both at day camp. When I need a little flare for my pups they do a nail and fur coloring which is pretty amazing and gives just the right amount of classiness! My vacations the last 2 years have been the least stress filled because I always lodge my pups with CaNine. I love how I receive report cards and photos on Facebook during their lodging stay. It allows for a very relaxing vacation knowing that my pups are in good hands. Sam and her training staff are also the best this side of the Mississippi. Pres and Scar have both attended their group classes and the staff have a wealth of knowledge. Pres has been CGC certified and Scar will hopefully be attending soon! Overall, you won't find a better facility that offers day camp, grooming, lodging, and training than CaNine to Five. The CaNine staff has always put the needs, comforts, and safety of my dogs, and all dogs in their care, above all else! When your dog is in their care you can be rest assured that they will be cared for on the same level as if they were each of the staff members personal pups! I will be forever thankful for all CaNine to Five has done for both of my pups and I will forever be a loyal client and part of the CaNine family!!"

Shoshannah, Preston & Scarlett