Make walking part of your dog's daily routine

Let's face it-dogs have it pretty easy. Their days are filled with belly rubs, treats and naps. But a daily walk is also an important part of a dog's routine. Just like us, our furry friends need regular exercise.

When you schedule your first walk with CaNine to Five, your dog will enjoy a nice stroll around your neighborhood. We'll also make sure to work on leash manners. Your four-legged friend will come home well-rested and content.

Contact us today at 518-579-0211 to learn more about our dog walking services in Clifton Park, New York.


Complimentary - 30 Minutes

We'll come to your home, meet your family and discuss what service might be the best fit for your dog. We know how special your pet is so we'll make sure to get any and all details needed to make sure each walk is a happy and safe one.

Adventure Sprint

30 Minutes

Single Visit - $20
6 Visit Package - $114
10 Visit Package - $180
20 Visit Package - $340
Our Mini Adventure is a short burst of fun! Each walk is tailored to your dog's preferences and needs --some dogs prefer to stop and smell every dandelion while others like to train for the Iditarod. No matter your dog's fitness level, we believe that getting outside to exercise is critical to their overall health and well-being.

Adventure Marathon

60 Minutes
Single Visit - $30
6 Visit Package - $174
10 Visit Package - $280
20 Visit Package - $540
The Full Adventure is an hour's worth of becoming one with the outdoors! We can do a solid 60 minutes of power walking or mix it up with some running, breaks to play fetch or lady bug hunts--your dog's choice.

**There is NO additional charge for multiple family dogs, but activities like running may not work out so well!